July 28, 2016

10th Doctor suit tutorials are up and running!

Our 10th Doctor suit tutorials are up and running! 

We've uploaded both the brown and blue suit tutorials to our 10th Doctor suit blog, where you can read through the tutorial online as an instructional blog and/or download a PDF. 

Those of you who don't know much about tailoring needn't worry; our tutorials are extremely thorough, and each tutorial has about 400 photos and diagrams as we walk you through every step of the process! Plus, we've recommended several books for reference and additional reading. 

Photo by Thomas Dunn
We've also expanded our suit analyses a bit, with a few additional notes and examples here and there, and an examination of a pair of authentic GAP trousers, so be sure to give it another read-through!

Check out our 10th Doctor suit tutorial on our 10th Doctor suit blog:



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