September 24, 2021

Coming soon ... Sewing Courses for Aspiring Sewing Wizards!

There's an amazing new resource in the works for you!

We are producing a series of sewing/tailoring courses, specifically for aspiring costumers and cosplayers.

The first is a Beginner Sewing course, in which we start with the basics, essential sewing skills, and common techniques, laying the foundation for all the subsequent training.

In the Intermediate Sewing course, we build on the previous foundation, moving forward into more fitted garments, sewing unusual shapes, working with knit fabrics, and decorative accents.

Next is the Advanced Sewing course, in which we discuss specialty seams, working with patterned fabrics (such as stripes and plaids), custom trims, advanced sewing tools, and more.

Finally, in the Tailoring course, we journey into the realm of structuring and shaping garments, and you will begin learning how to make properly tailored garments.

Each course will include 20 video lessons (in full HD) and about 3 hours of sewing instruction.

Each course will also include a corresponding book-length PDF download (with dozens of HD photos and diagrams), for those of you who enjoy reading. :)

These will be instantly accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device.

This is the absolute BEST resource we’ve ever produced.

If you’ve learned from any of the free sewing tutorials I (Alex) have shared so far, just imagine how much you can learn from our upcoming sewing wizard training!

As the courses progress, we take you from Padawan to Master. :)

We’ve literally spent YEARS producing this, and we're delighted to say that it will be available soon.

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More details to come … and in the meantime, happy sewing!

* NOT the same as our "Bad Wolf Costumes" newsletter (upper right), which we will be discontinuing soon.

September 16, 2021

Tailors Gone Wild!

Over the past couple years, I (Alex) have occasionally mentioned that I’ve been working on a MASSIVE project, and I’m excited to finally tell you about it!

Bad Wolf Costumes - Tailors Gone Wild

This bigger, better, more magical endeavor is exclusively focused on training and producing resources for aspiring sewing wizards and DIY costumers.

What does this mean for you?

Well, several things.


First, (some) sewing patterns previously sold under the name “Bad Wolf Costumes” will now be available as “Tailors Gone Wild” patterns.

Tailors Gone Wild sewing patterns


Digital pattern downloads have been one of our top requests for years now, especially from international customers … and I’m delighted to say that we’re now offering digital pattern downloads on our new Tailors Gone Wild web site!

We still offer physical patterns, too, so simply select your desired format from the dropdown menu – physical copy, digital download, or both.

Tailors Gone Wild - sewing pattern options


Our new TGW web site also features an integrated forum where you can discuss sewing patterns and your experiences with them, as well as sewing and costuming in general!

Tailors Gone Wild - sewing forum

There’s even a private area of the forum specifically for TGW customers to ask for advice, and to share your own tips and tricks.


Although the majority of the forum is available for public viewing, for full access and interaction you’ll need to create a free account.

You’ll also have the option of creating a new account during the checkout process, and all you need to do is log in for 24/7 access to all your purchased pattern downloads.

Tailors Gone Wild - digital sewing pattern downloads


We will soon be temporarily discontinuing most of our pre-2017 sewing patterns, pending updates.

These include the various VOY, DS9/NEM, and ENT-era sewing patterns previously released under the “Bad Wolf Costumes” label.

Bad Wolf Costumes - sewing patterns

However, the two pieces of GOOD news are:

1 – There will be numerous new TNG-era pattern releases in the meantime, for both men and women.


2 – The updated sewing patterns will be well worth the wait!

After this TNG-era uniform project, we will be updating the aforementioned patterns to be even more authentic to the original uniforms, as well as including additional sizing options, improved grading, etc. … and, of course, there will be corresponding women’s patterns!

If you’re still wanting these older patterns, don’t panic! We’re not discontinuing them JUST yet. They will still be available in our Etsy shop for a few months, before they disappear for a while.

We definitely recommend ordering sooner rather than later, though! There’s currently no ETA on the updated patterns, although it will probably be next year.


As exciting as all this, the best is actually yet to come!

For now, all I’ll say is … you are going to LOVE it. :)

DS9 - the best is yet to come!

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May 28, 2019

TNG medical smock pattern, pre-order discount!

Our women's TNG medical smock pattern is now available for pre-order, at a 10% discount!

Women's TNG medical smock sewing pattern

It includes ALL FIVE versions of the uniform!

Version 1 was patterned directly off of an original, screen-used Dr. Pulaski uniform.

Versions 2-4 were adapted from the TNG skant pattern, as I believe the originals to have been.

Version 5 was the style Dr. Pulaski wore for the majority of her apperances.

All versions are included in women’s sizes 6-24. 

The pattern is printed on four large sheets and also includes a printed copy of text-only instructions. 

Here are some examples of the uniform you'll be able to make with this sewing pattern:

Women's TNG medical smock sewing pattern
Women's TNG medical smock sewing pattern
Women's TNG medical smock sewing pattern
Women's TNG medical smock sewing pattern
Women's TNG medical smock sewing pattern
Women's TNG medical smock sewing pattern
Women's TNG medical smock sewing pattern
Women's TNG medical smock sewing pattern

Pre-order your copy today at a 10% discount! It will begin shipping on Tuesday, June 11, at point it will be listed at regular price.

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March 4, 2019

10th Doctor suit pattern, pre-order discount!

Our new 10th Doctor suit pattern is now available for pre-order at a 10% discount!

10th Doctor suit sewing pattern

This updated version is FAR superior to the previous (2016) version. 

In fact, we've so heavily revised it that it's basically an entirely new pattern! 

Updates include a much-improved fit and silhouette, additional sizing, and refined details.

We also adjusted the markings/guides to correspond to Magnoli Clothiers' updated replica fabric.

10th Doctor suit sewing pattern

This new pattern includes both jacket AND trousers in men's sizes 34-52, and it can be used to make both the brown AND blue suits!

As always, we meticulously drafted it to be as faithful to the originals as possible.

Here's a little gallery of finished suits we made using this sewing pattern, pictured with various shirts and ties:

10th Doctor suit sewing pattern
10th Doctor suit sewing pattern
10th Doctor suit sewing pattern
10th Doctor suit sewing pattern
10th Doctor suit sewing pattern
10th Doctor suit sewing pattern
10th Doctor suit sewing pattern
10th Doctor suit sewing pattern
10th Doctor suit sewing pattern
10th Doctor suit sewing pattern
10th Doctor suit sewing pattern
10th Doctor suit sewing pattern
10th Doctor suit sewing pattern

The pattern will begin shipping on Monday, March 18.

Pre-order and save 10%!

All-new, FREE sewing tutorials (intended for use with this pattern) are coming soon to the "Doctor Who Costume Guide!"

10th Doctor suit sewing pattern