July 26, 2016

10th Doctor suit pattern now shipping!

Our 10th Doctor suit pattern is now shipping!

Thank you, everybody who pre-ordered!

It includes both the jacket AND trousers in sizes 34-50 and can be used to make both the brown and blue suits!

This pattern has been in the works for a long time, and we're excited to finally release it! 

We spent over a year researching, analyzing, experimenting, drafting, and putting this pattern together (plus several weeks on the tutorials). Even just the research involved sifting through an average of 3,000 screencaps per episode! All so we could make sure our replica suit was as accurate in its construction as possible, and so yours could be, too. 

You can also order the pattern from our Etsy shop, if you prefer:


We'll be posting photos of our finished blue suit soon, so stay tuned!

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