July 10, 2016

10th Doctor blue suit progress

My 10th Doctor blue suit is almost finished!

The trousers turned out really well, if I say so myself:

The jacket's been slow going because I've been sort of burned out with all this tailoring lately and have had lots of other things clamoring for my attention, but it's been going well nevertheless!

I'm pleased with the roll and drape of the lapels; I pulled my padstitches a bit tighter this time and tried a different pressing/steaming technique. 

Here's the jacket with the sleeves (plus sleeve heads and shoulder pads) and undercollar attached.

As with the brown suit, here's a peek at the front facing/lining assembly:

(The lining is actually more of a medieval or royal blue, but the flash makes it look more purple-y in photos.)

Aaaaand here's the jacket basically finished, except for the buttons/buttonholes and a good pressing! Also, check out how radically different Magnoli's replica fabric looks with and without flash:

Sewing pattern and tutorial coming VERY soon! 

In the mean time, read all about 10's suits on our 10th Doctor suit analysis/tutorial blog:

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