Star Trek Undershirt Sewing Pattern

This is a sewing pattern for three men's uniform shirts seen throughout the modern era of Star Trek: the DS9/NEM division shirt, the VOY undershirt, and the ENT undershirt (updated October 2015).

Additionally, the pattern includes a wide variety of customization options:

DS9/NEM division shirt options:
   * Standard or "hero" collar
   * Standard hem or 2 "onesie" options (with fly opening or standard wraparound)
   * Full-length zipper trim or Picard (partial-length) zipper trim
   * 5 different zipper trim/collar construction techniques
   * Optional protective neck flap
   * Sleeveless or full-length sleeves

VOY undershirt options:
   * Standard or "hero" collar
   * Standard hem or 2 "onesie" options (with fly opening or standard wraparound)
   * Optional fitting darts
   * Sleeveless or full-length sleeves

ENT undershirt options:
   * Optional back seam
   * Sleeveless or full-length sleeves

Each of these garments was extensively researched and our pattern was meticulously drafted to be as screen-accurate as possible. The pattern includes information about the finished garments' measurements, all materials required, and detailed instructions.

Also included is a copy of our three FREE in-depth PDF tutorials (one for each garment) on CD!

These tutorials contain a wealth of information not on the printed instructions, including a detailed analysis of each shirt's construction with accompanying HD images, and known sources for materials and suitable alternatives (though both may vary from time to time).

The tutorial instructions are accompanied by a multitude of pictures and diagrams, various sewing tips, and instructions for how to alter the pattern if necessary to achieve an ideal fit.

As a special bonus, an analysis of all the Starfleet T-shirts and tank tops seen throughout the DS9/VOY era (with tips for making your own) is included as well!

The pattern is printed on two large sheets, and a printed copy of text-only instructions is included in addition to the free tutorials.

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