September 24, 2021

Coming soon ... Sewing Courses for Aspiring Sewing Wizards!

There's an amazing new resource in the works for you!

We are producing a series of sewing/tailoring courses, specifically for aspiring costumers and cosplayers.

The first is a Beginner Sewing course, in which we start with the basics, essential sewing skills, and common techniques, laying the foundation for all the subsequent training.

In the Intermediate Sewing course, we build on the previous foundation, moving forward into more fitted garments, sewing unusual shapes, working with knit fabrics, and decorative accents.

Next is the Advanced Sewing course, in which we discuss specialty seams, working with patterned fabrics (such as stripes and plaids), custom trims, advanced sewing tools, and more.

Finally, in the Tailoring course, we journey into the realm of structuring and shaping garments, and you will begin learning how to make properly tailored garments.

Each course will include 20 video lessons (in full HD) and about 3 hours of sewing instruction.

Each course will also include a corresponding book-length PDF download (with dozens of HD photos and diagrams), for those of you who enjoy reading. :)

These will be instantly accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device.

This is the absolute BEST resource we’ve ever produced.

If you’ve learned from any of the free sewing tutorials I (Alex) have shared so far, just imagine how much you can learn from our upcoming sewing wizard training!

As the courses progress, we take you from Padawan to Master. :)

We’ve literally spent YEARS producing this, and we're delighted to say that it will be available soon.

Subscribe to our new Sewing Wizard Newsletter* for updates, FREE sewing lessons, and “early bird” special offers!

More details to come … and in the meantime, happy sewing!

* NOT the same as our "Bad Wolf Costumes" newsletter (upper right), which we will be discontinuing soon.


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