Star Trek: Enterprise Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern

This is a sewing pattern for the men's standard Starfleet duty jumpsuit seen throughout Star Trek: Enterprise.

This pattern includes all pockets and embellishments (with multiple versions of the "pencil pocket"), as well as recommended pocket and zipper positions, and it comes in sizes S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.

This jumpsuit was extensively researched and meticulously drafted to be as screen-accurate in its construction as possible. The pattern includes information about the finished garment's measurements, all materials required, and detailed instructions.

Also included is a copy of our FREE in-depth PDF analyses (both full/unabridged and abridged versions) on CD, as well as our thorough construction tutorial. These contain a wealth of information not on the printed instructions, including a detailed analysis of the jumpsuit's construction with accompanying HD images, a step-by-step construction guide with accompanying photos, a multitude of pictures and diagrams, various sewing tips (and other options) along the way, and instructions for how to alter the pattern if necessary to achieve an ideal fit.

The pattern is printed on four large sheets and a printed copy of text-only instructions is included in addition to the free tutorial.

Click on the images below for photos of the finished garment made from this pattern:

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  1. I bought your Enterprise pattern to try and make myself a reasonable representation of the jumpsuit as those sold on the net didn't seem to be quite there (except Anovos).
    Having never before attempted to sew together anything other than a cushion I was a little unsure of the outcome.
    I must say though that your tutorials are excellent and what I created was very good to the point that I was approached a few times at the 50th Anniversary convention as to where I had bought the jumpsuit from, I of course told them home made from a Bad wolf pattern.
    Thank you for an excellent product, well pleased.

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