Q: Will you be doing women's sewing patterns for Star Trek uniforms? When?

A: Yes! Our first few are available on the new Tailors Gone Wild web site, and many more are coming, as fast as we can get to them. :)

Q: Do you take commissions for Star Trek uniforms made from your patterns?

A: No, we don't currently offer custom-made uniforms (etc.) on commission. Developing more sewing patterns, training, and other resources for aspiring sewing wizards is our top priority. 

Q: Why is shipping so expensive for sewing patterns?

A: Our sewing patterns are printed on large sheets of standard bond paper, rather than brittle tissue paper. This results in a heavier envelope, which we ship as a package/parcel (rather than a large envelope).

Q: Where do you get your uniform fabrics? Can you recommend any source(s)? 

A: The fabrics we use for our demonstration uniforms are either standard retail fabrics (commonly available) or custom-dyed in-house. Unfortunately, custom-dyeing fabric yardage in bulk quantities is impractical, as we simply aren't equipped for producing larger runs. 

Should viable sources present themselves, I (Alex) will make an effort to post them on my Star Trek Costume Guide blog and/or social media

I also plan to eventually post my dye mixes (etc.) on the aforementioned STCG blog and may also offer a fabric-dyeing course via Tailors Gone Wild.  

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  1. Just ordered the Voyager Mens Jacket pattern. The instructional PDF is fantastic! Looking forward to making this!