Doraleous and Associates - Neebs Sewing Pattern

Doraleous and Associates - Neebs costume sewing pattern

This is a sewing pattern for Neebs' costume from Doraleous and Associates, but it's also a good choice for other elves and woodland folk.

It includes the shirt with dickey, tunic, belt, quiver, and stretch gloves for easy fitting. It is graded in multiple sizes (S-2XL) for the costumer's convenience, and it includes information about the finished garments' measurements, all materials required, and detailed instructions.

Also included is a copy of our FREE in-depth PDF tutorial on CD! This contains a list of recommended materials and sources, detailed instructions which are accompanied by a multitude of pictures, and various sewing tips along the way.

The pattern is printed on three large sheets and a printed copy of text-only instructions is included in addition to the free tutorial.


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