June 7, 2016

10th Doctor brown suit - finished photos!

I finished my 10th Doctor brown suit just in the nick of time for TimeGate!

I'm very happy with how it turned out, overall.

Kate grabbed some photos of me out in the street just so we'd have some of the finished suit in pristine condition before the con.

I like these two photos, although I'm not sure why (and I accidentally buttoned all four buttons - something of a faux-pas for a 10 costume!): 

We also took some with the "swirly tie," which I'm very happy with, except for the fact that 10 never wore this color royal/medieval blue shirt - whoops! 

And lastly, here's a photo of me at the con, with the awesome TARDIS provided by Christopher Marney, Mad Man with a Workshop:  

Sewing pattern and tutorial coming soon, as well as photos from TimeGate! 


  1. You've done some damn good work here. Cannot wait for the tutorial information

  2. Fantastic. Just .. Fantastic!!